The greatest, most heroic shampoo ad ever

This commercial from Lowe Bangkok for Clear shampoo gets to the very heart of the age-old human-vs.-dandruff struggle: It’s an epic, poetic, otherworldly battle between ice-arrow-wielding brunette warrior-hairs and freaky white exploding dandruff fairies. This is the kind of stuff that makes Gillette’s space-age razor ads look folksy. If it’s intentionally campy, it’s great. If it’s meant to be serious, it’s even better. And just try to make sense of the voiceover: “From black into darkness, shadows see follicles bent and broke and slivers of sparks as dark and dandruff collide. Rage, rage against her breath of fear! Now frozen, silence marks the danse macabre. And into the dark, the icy blackness follows.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd