Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Shows Game Might Be Maturing

Shooting hookers gives way to class conflict

Rockstar Games has released its highly anticipated (and exposition-dense) trailer for Grand Theft Auto V,  shown below, which quickly became one of the most talked-about game ads of the year. That's partly because it could steal some thunder—and pre-orders—from the upcoming rival title Saints Row: The Third, an idea which competing studio THQ shrugs of with a few kind words: "It's a high-quality trailer, and I think it's going to be another fantastic game in the GTA  series," THQ CEO Brian Farrell tells The Escapist. "That said, it also shows the completely different positioning of the two games." Farrell's comments get at the other distinguishing factor about the trailer: it shows an incredible amount of graphically amazing in-game footage, something most games avoid in favor of cinematic cutscenes. There's also something to be said for Rockstar's newfound maturity. A franchise that built its fan base and reputation on scatological humor and killing hookers is now, as points out, highlighting class differences in the fictional city of Vinewood (modeled after Los Angeles) by introducing panhandlers and migrant laborers to the game setting. In fact, there's already a lot of speculation that the contrasts between rich and poor will be a key theme in the game. Hell, for all I know it may have factored into previous incarnations of GTA; I was too busy shooting pedestrians from my jetpack to pay much attention.