Grab Your Barf Bag: Airplanes Are Becoming Adplanes

The hits keep on coming

As the American airline industry looks for ways to make itself even more unbearable, it's taking inspiration from Spirit and Ryanair (above), both of which shamelessly rent out every available inch of their planes—overhead bins, tray tables, air-sickness bags, etc.—as advertising space. Some airlines are even less dignified, offering ad space on flight-attendant aprons, napkins, and preceding safety videos. This would annoy travelers under normal circumstances, but in a world where the airlines are also raking in money from baggage fees, it's downright crappy. Sadly, anything short of a boycott isn't going to turn back this tide, so the public's frustration will be worn down to cynical acceptance before long. To quote frequent flier Steven Gordon at the end of the USA Today story linked above: "Hey, isn't everything for sale to advertisers in this country?"