Giving print ads the power of speech

Starbucks1Here’s a follow-up on an item we posted in September. If you’re a New Yorker, perhaps you’ve noticed ads around town with word bubbles attached to them, allowing passersby to pencil in what the people in the ads might be saying. Turns out the guerrilla effort is the work of an ex-Saatchi creative. Having become disillusioned with the ad biz, Ji Lee, now a freelance graphic designer, affixes the balloons to ads and allows others to as well, via printable balloons available on his Web site. A quick survey of bubbles around town: An ad for American Eagle shows a glamorous couple, with the man saying: “She doesn’t have a brain, but then again neither do I.” An iPod silhouette ad reads, “I steal music.” But the joke may be on Parsons grad Lee, since the Daily News article quotes an NYU professor saying the bubbles may actually help the ads by bringing more attention to them.

—Posted by Mae Anderson