A gift for that wacky someone

SloptartsIf the kids on your list didn’t appreciate the tube socks they found in their holiday stockings, make it up to them with Wacky Packages.

Topps introduced the classic product-spoof trading cards in 1967, and brought them back this year with the first big new series since 1976. (Brief, unsuccessful revivals in the ’80s and ’90s didn’t really count.) The great new spoof products include Chimps Ahoy (“Real insects in every bite!”), Frosted Snakes (“They’re g-r-r-r-oss!”), Slop Tarts (“The disgustingly different snack”) and Mean Cuisine (“Best when not served”). You can look at the rest of the new additions here.

The original series from the ’60s featured illustrations by then-underground artists Art Spiegelman, Bill Griffith, Drew Friedman, Jay Lynch and Mark Newgarden. Lynch, who’s involved with the new cards, says Wacky Packages offer more than gross-out humor. “They bring the fantasy of advertising down to reality,” he tells the Chicago Reader. “They teach kids to think for themselves, and that what’s good for GM and Coca-Cola isn’t necessarily good for them. This is important, because these are the people 20 years down the road who will be doing your heart bypass.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd