Giant water-hating duck hawks Oasis drinks

It's turning out to be a Mother London kind of day. Here's the agency's latest work for Oasis drinks. Following up on last autumn's ill-fated Cactus Kid campaign, Mother sets this new ad in a Japanese dorm room, where one female student is somewhat suggestively feeding Oasis to another on the bed. A couple of parental types (university employees?) storm in, furious that the teens aren't drinking water, and accuse them of being under the spell of a giant water-hating duck. But the mere mention of the duck, aka Rubberduckzilla, summons the creature to the scene, where it proceeds to destroy everything around it—except for the adoring girls, who snuggle up on its beak. The tagline remains the equally absurd "Oasis. For people who don't like water."

—Posted by Tim Nudd