Giant pale worms are not a kid’s best friend

This print campaign by TBWA\PHS in Finland is intended to make you wonder if you're actually feeding your dog—or the worms inside him. "Who do you take care of?" ask the ads, which promote Pfizer's Canex All Wormer for Dogs. The visuals are pretty arresting, and the point's well taken—if you like dogs. Frankly, I think those worms look darn cute, with their slimy trails and oozing maws. They're right out of classic '70s Dr. Who. Sure, they're parasites. But so is Rover, always humping legs and begging for scraps from the table. At least the worms won't shed. The kids are the creepiest part of the ads. They kind of resemble the mind-controlling tots in '60s horror films like Village of the Damned, but with huge worms to do their bidding. Via Ads of the World, which has larger, oozier versions.

—Posted by David Gianatasio