Giant Headphones Stolen From Crazy Bus-Shelter Installation in Canada

Outdoor ads worth pilfering!

Advertisers complain about people stealing their ideas. In this case, someone literally stole a pair of giant headphones, worth $12,000 (does that mean they actually work?), that were intended to get people to download free workout music courtesy of the Dairy Farmers of Canada. "Because of the size of the headphones, Halifax Regional Police say they believe two or more people were responsible for the deed," says the local media report. It's apparently the latest execution in a campaign called "Recharge with milk" that's intended to educate athletes about the post-recovery benefits of chocolate milk (somebody wants a piece of Gatorade). The campaign also involves flash mobs with full-figured cows. Anyhow, the mondo headphones were snatched from a bus shelter and taken for a joy ride. A few days later, they were returned, slightly worse for wear. The DFC doesn't plan on pressing charges, and who can blame them? They've earned more in free media than the things are worth.