Getting a head

Looking to pad your wallet with a little extra cash now that the holidays are over? Maybe you should take a page from Andrew Fischer’s book and look in the mirror. Now go and cut out an ad from a magazine and stick it to your forehead. Try wearing it around for a few hours. Creepy. But it pays well.

Or, at least it has for Fischer, who decided to auction off the use of his forehead for ad space to the highest bidder on eBay. SnoreStop won the use of Fischer’s forehead when the snoring remedy company paid him $37,375 to sport its logo on Fischer’s head for one month.

The Omaha, Nebraska resident seems to be pretty intense about his new career. His Web site,, shows a drawing of Fischer with the tagline "We’re taking mainstream advertising to the next level. Are you coming with us?"

His Web site lists all of his media appearances thus far and he also notes, "No, I do not have an agent."

—Posted by Lisa van der Pool