Get your Major League Baseball peanuts here!

Isn’t it reassuring to know that despite that messy stuff involving Congressional hearings, the Major League Baseball marketing machine is alive and well? (We meant that tongue-in-cheek, OK?) While at our local supermarket the other day, we discovered it was selling these cute little bags of roasted peanuts just like you get at the ballpark, emblazoned with the logos of our two favorite teams (Mets, Red Sox), and least favorite team (Yankees). Strangely, enough, the peanuts for those three teams and the Phillies come roasted, while the peanuts packaged in the logos of the other 20 teams featured in the product line are salted and roasted. According to a reliable source—our local grocer—the peanuts are new this year. They’re being produced by Hampton Farms of Severn, North Carolina, a family farm that has been in business since the 1900s. The only drawback we can see to this product is that we can’t throw the shells indiscriminately on the floor at home like we can at the ballpark, knowing that someone else will clean up after us.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor