Get the world’s tallest man in a TV spot

Guinness says Bao Xishun is the world’s tallest man. (To be clear, that’s the book of records, not the lager.) Bao, seen here on a Chinese TV show, is a herdsman in Mongolia. With such long arms, he can round up stray sheep without using a staff. (I made that last part up, but he is a herdsman. How cool is that?) Bao’s a touchy-feely hero type, and he’s made news this week by reaching down the throats of two dolphins at a Beijing aquarium to remove deadly pieces of plastic from their stomachs. Now that’s credibility! Put this man in an ad, he’s earned it! If he plugs the herringbone shirts at Casual Male Big & Tall, I’ll be first in line to buy. And I’m only 5-foot-5. Bao may have to pull me out of a dolphin’s guts someday!

—Posted by David Gianatasio