Get ready for the cheap ‘7 Days’ imitators

With Nissan’s “7 Days in a Sentra” campaign firmly fixed in the pop culture, imitations and spoofs are guaranteed to follow. Here are some suggestions: “7 Days in a Saturn” retains the pleasing alliteration, while “7 Days in a Vauxhall” has a less pleasant ring. (Does that car’s warranty even extend beyond the sixth day?) “Summer in a Hummer” rhymes, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. “7 Days in a Sentra With Borat” would be a neat crossover. (I just wanted to work in Borat because the film’s so hot right now.) BMW could dub its entry the “Mini Marathon,” though those cars are pretty cramped, so no one over 6 feet need apply. “7 Days in a Jeep” would be OK, as long as you don’t end up in Baghdad. “7 Seconds in a Volkswagen” can’t miss: five seconds of ad-libbed conversation between driver and passenger, followed by a crash and the “Safe happens” tagline. Maybe Borat could be behind the wheel; that guy’s everywhere.

—Posted by David Gianatasio