Georgia Lawyer Storms the Super Bowl Again With Another Completely Insane Local Ad

Jamie Casino's latest morality tale

Savannah, Ga., lawyer Jamie Casino had a big hit last year when he ran this absurdly badass local Super Bowl ad—an epic two-minute tale of crime, death and retribution that got more than 5 million YouTube views.

Casino, of course, had to return for an encore. And you can see it below.

There are so many questions. (For one, why is this two-minute Super Bowl ad three-and-a-half minutes long?) Plotwise, the damn thing is barely coherent, unlike last year's spot, which was ludicrous but at least easy to follow.

This time, we have Casino talking about all the personal bullies he's encountered in life and how he overcame them—childhood tormenters, cancer, his younger brother's murder and local strong-arm government in Savannah. Casino is heard cross-examining a character, "Injustice," who symbolizes the broken Savannah city leadership. "Bullying is bad. Silence is worse," says the line at the end.

We can't wait for next year's ad, when Casino fully transforms into Batman.

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