shoppers held hostage: Day No. 19

We’ve been checking the Gap site periodically, to see if the online store has reopened, and we can now report that we are now in at least day no. 19 of the site shutdown (we first noticed it on Aug. 29, and don’t know how long it was down before that). Referring back to Gap Inc.’s most recent 10Q, which reported $40 million in sales on the site in the “thirteen weeks ended July 30, 2005,” we did a quick calculation. The site was doing on average $439,560 per day in sales prior to the shutdown. Multiply that by the 19 days the site’s been inoperative, and that would mean the site has lost at least $8.3 million in sales so far. Not a huge amount, but what would seem more troubling is that the closed site has no doubt sent some Gap customers to competitors—possibly over the long term. Like some people that commented to this post, one time when we stopped by this week we were offered a chance to check out the site. Not having any urgent apparel business to transact, we instead spent our time there taking Gap up on its offer to email us a link to a director’s cut of the current ad campaign, which we hoped to share with all of you. Though it’s always possible we never received the link because we typed our email address in wrong or something, all we know is it never showed up in our in-box.