French siren is an Israeli-born Angeleno

Dogs and investment advice don’t usually make for captivating commercials, so it’s probably safe to credit much of this State Street spot’s success to little-known songstress Rosi Golan. Her haunting vocals, admittedly combined with some great direction and expressive animals, make for a truly memorable ad, even if you have trouble remembering (or even understanding) what it’s advertising. Like many viewers, I was inspired to look up the singer and was a bit surprised to learn that the classic French styling was the work of an Israeli-born woman who grew up in Los Angeles and taught herself to play guitar six weeks before her first live show at age 19. Her theme song for this commercial has sparked many comments of praise on YouTube and Facebook, with some visitors even stopping to thank financial juggernaut State Street for helping them discover her music. In return, the company has thrown us a bone and posted a link where you can download the song for free.

—Posted by David Griner