Fred Willard talks old age in retirement ads

Fred Willard is perfect for this nearly two-minute Web clip by ad agency Copacino+Fujikado for Symetra Financial. He's Shatner Lite: goofy and self-deprecating without verging on self-parody. (Plus, he'd never talk $#*!) Willard's doltishly deadpan delivery of "wisdom" about aging (he's now in his 70s) makes an apt counterpoint to the on-screen info about retirement milestones. The kid playing his school-age grandson does well not to crack up on several occasions. As for me, I'm resigned to the aging process, and the attendant loss of various physical attributes along the way. Hey, I'll be balder than Moby way before I'm 70! So, stop talking $#*!, Fred. Getting old sucks!