Thirty-two ads, one dream: to be named AdFreak’s Freakiest Ad of 2008. After four votes last week, we’ve narrowed the field to the Final Four contenders, posted below: Evil Dead the Musical, Doritos, Converse and the Dutch Socialist Party. Vote at the bottom of this post for the freakiest of the four. We’ll declare a winner on Wednesday afternoon.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

Evil Dead the Musical | “Marquee”

This promo encouraged viewers to attend the musical, but maybe not linger beneath the marquee. [Read more]

Doritos | “Tongue”

A wayward spicy tongue ruined a young couple’s date in this Doritos commercial. [Read more]

Converse |

Ross taught many a lonely Web surfer how to kiss, with gusto, on his very own Converse-branded Web site. [Read more]

Dutch Socialist Party | “Connie” (NSFW)

What’s that? You want to see a nude 86-year-old woman criticizing Holland’s homecare policy? OK, you got it. (Spot is NSFW.) [Read more]