Fox asking for it with ‘X-Files’ movie title

Is I Want to Believe a marketable title? Fox apparently thinks so, because the upcoming X-Files movie will be called The X-Files: I Want to Believe, using a line which, as fans well know, was emblazoned on a UFO poster in Fox Mulder’s office during the run of the TV series. This is the teaser poster shown here. Promotional efforts will borrow a concept from the 7-Eleven/Kwik-E-Mart Simpsons tie-in. On the day I Want to Believe premieres, all male agents at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., will wear alien masks and go shirtless (David Duchovny loved baring his abs and pecs back in the day), and all female operatives will don red wigs, à la Gillian Anderson’s Dana Scully. Am I making this up? The truth is out there, people!

—Posted by David Gianatasio