Food cannot shut up about Dixie’s products

I thought the French's mustard ad would be the trippiest food-related work of the week. Not even close, thanks to this loopy Dixie campaign by Howard, Merrell & Partners. Food speaks! It wants to be served on (or in) Dixie-brands products! That's two exclamation points so far, so you know I'm eating up this campaign! That was a bad pun, I know, but I think the spots are warping my brain. The guy who plays the hamburger looks a bit like Brian Dennehy, but this all-beef fatty's gravel-voiced delivery has a gut-wrenching, punch-drunk resonance heretofore unheard on screens large or small. The ice-cream actress channels Wanda Sykes on steroids ("Nasty!"), and the coffee guy in this third spot doesn't sound Colombian so much as insane. Some might call these performances offensive, but there's a scoop of vanilla and strawberry in that sundae, so let's just all get along. Most bad-on-purpose ads fail miserably, but these dish out enough entertaining stupidity to merit second and third helpings.

—Posted by David Gianatasio