Following the bouncing BBHer

Flipflop_ls009350_2Try to keep up. This, as best we can tell, is the behind-the-scenes, back-and-forth, up-and-down of TBWA’s “hiring” of Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s David Terry.

First there was the job offer extended by TBWA Group president Brett Gosper for Terry to join TBWA\Chiat\Day in New York as head of planning. Then, as these things tend to go, Terry accepted the job. Gosper took the verbal acceptance to be the final, absolute word, and on Friday, Nov. 5, he put out an all-staff memo announcing the hire.

Only problem was, the guy hadn’t resigned yet.

But at some point over the weekend, Terry “resigned,” and Gosper got a signed letter of agreement.

Only problem was: His boss at BBH, Emma Cookson, refused to accept the resignation and had starting putting together a “bet you can’t refuse” counter-offer to keep him.

On Monday, the 9th, Gosper, still overly confident that this thing would work out, put out a press release announcing the hire. 

Only problem was, the guy was still hearing out his bosses at BBH. Then it dragged on throughout all last week, with Terry alternately talking to Gosper and BBH. Finally, on Friday, the 12th, both parties said Terry wasn’t leaving BBH despite the flurry of memos and announcements to the contrary.

Can you blame us if we want to see the flip-flopper actually sitting in his chair at BBH before we really believe that?

–Posted by Alison Fahey