Folk festival’s print ads protest social media

Ad agency Marcus Thomas rags on social media in its print campaign for the Kent State Folk Festival. Ads carry headlines like, "The sensual, pulse-pounding rhythms of the Samba shouldn't be experienced via YouTube" and "Clapping your hands when you like a band is way better than clicking some like button." There's even a reference to MySpace, which the folkies should feel kinship with, given its descent into irrelevance. The campaign seems a tad hypocritical, considering the festival operates YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr accounts, and that they sent the campaign to ad blogs seeking cyber-publicity in the first place. Clearly the whole back-to-basics counterculture thing is a sham and these faux-hippies are tappin' their toes in time with the Man. See four print ads after the jump. Via Ads of the World.

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