Flo? Whoa! Progressive’s Icon Swaps Her Apron for Attitude in Motorcycle Insurance Ads

Stephanie Courtney like you've never seen her

Like a true nature's child, Flo was born to be wild. Or something.

Progressive's iconic ad character, played by Stephanie Courtney, revs up the va-va-vroom in this tongue-in-cheek motorcycle-themed print campaign created by Arnold Worldwide with Buffalo Art Co. and custom bike builder Chase Stopnik. (The work marks another departure for Flo from her familiar white-and-blue aproned commercial appearances, following her ectoplasmic turn in spots touting the insurer's sponsorship of the Ghostbusters reboot.)

Now, Flo goes the sexy/rebel biker-chick route—which, of course, yields some high-octane kitsch, as she poses on custom-built "Chrome Thrones" made from motorcycle parts designed to represent different rigs.

First up, a sleek, speedy sport bike. Flo looks like a Bond villain here:

Next, a touring cycle. Why gas up, though, when it's really just a tricked-out chair?

Finally, a cruiser. Paging Mad Max!

Whoa, Flo Rida rocks some serious leather and pouty attitude. Actually, though, she's driven down this road a few times before. Still, Progressive finds a whole new goofy gear with "Chrome Thrones," and Flo gets her motor running in appealingly—for some, appallingly—self-aware style.

Check out the behind-the-scenes clip below, which goes into detail about the creation of the thrones. If you have a backyard full of old motorcycle parts and no life at all, why not build your own?