Finally, You Can Wipe Your Butt With a Twitter Feed

Just $35 for four custom toilet-paper rolls

Twitter's on a roll, literally, thanks to some folks who've decided to improve the human race by printing tweets on toilet paper. Appropriately enough, the entrepreneurs are from Australia, the land Down Under. The tagline is, "Social media has never been so disposable," and $35 gets you one or more feeds spread over four rolls. You can print your own tweets or updates from any public feed. Consider the possibilities: Bieber, Gaga, Obama, your boss? It all depends on the psyche of the consumer. The service is called Shitter, and the startup was wise to choose Twitter as a focus for this particular novelty, because the names of the other social nets don't work nearly as well. StinkedIn is lame. WasteBook is worse. Google+ is shitty, but you already knew that. Sorry, this kind of story just brings out the wiseass in me. Via Laughing Squid.