Finally, a blog about tuna

Marketers of seafood will doubtless make the most of a new report in which the Institute of Medicine declared that the health benefits of eating seafood twice a week outweigh the mercury-related risks. AdFreak eats a fair amount of fish, so was gladdened by the news on its own account. But we were even more tickled to learn (from an AP item on the report, posted on that there’s an institution called the U.S. Tuna Foundation—and that the foundation just this week launched The Tuna Blog on its Web site. We live in a world of wonders! Like AdFreak, you may immediately get a mental image of Charley the Tuna sitting in his pajamas in front of a computer and blogging away. Anyway, let us be among the first—perhaps even the very first—to welcome The Tuna Blog to the blogging world.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver