Fiber One Returns with a Few Uncomfortably Irregular Constipation Scenarios

Because being irregular is the worst

Saatchi & Saatchi is getting awfully regular at crafting goofy, effective spots for Fiber One.

Following its pregnant man and rubber biscuit ads from last year, the New York agency has squeezed out another winner. In the loopy 40-second ad below, we learn why "Being Irregular Is the Worst."

Opening on a funeral scene, the voiceover begins, "Yeah, we know that feeling. You're so bloated, you've started wearing sweatpants … everywhere," as the camera pulls back to reveal a bearded middle-aged mourner wearing baggy pink sweats with "Hot" emblazoned across the derrière.

Next we're told, "When it finally happens, it's always the worst possible time," and we meet a bride in the stall of a hotel toilet. (She's mortified, because her mother-in-law and other guests are hovering just outside.) Later, we score some workplace-bathroom humor when a cube-drone emerges after 47 years of … effort. 

"Our main source on content is our consumers," Erica Jensen, marketing manager for Fiber One tells AdFreak. "They share with us lots of information on the challenges and the circumstances they face. Because brands in this space have traditionally played it very coy, there's plenty left for us to say. So as long as we're willing to confront symptoms and situations in a frank but sympathetic way, there's no limit."

The spot's tone is sitcom-silly enough to grab our attention and amuse, while persuasively delivering Fiber One's craptastic brand proposition. And we mean that in a good way. 

So, what's next for the campaign? According to Jensen, "We have reams of unused jokes ready to go."