Fenton the Dog's Viral Video Remade in Grand Fashion for New Ad

Grainy clip suddenly looks stunning

A year ago today, a 13-year-old boy uploaded a hilarious video of his cursing father chasing their dog Fenton—who himself was chasing a pack of deer—through London's Richmond Park. The man's incessant screams of "Jesus Christ!" became a meme, and the audio was soon grafted on to all sorts of other videos. Now, British telecom EE has jumped on the Fenton bandwagon. Its new spot has a pretty basic premise: that everything on YouTube looks stunning through the company's 4G network. To demonstrate this, they reshot the Fenton video (comically, they're calling it a "remastered" version) as a Hollywood blockbuster-style chase scene—with sweeping, panoramic vistas and a whole herd of animals joining the run, including an elephant, an ostrich, a unicorn and a dinosaur. (In fact, a Fenton Jurassic Park spoof was almost certainly the inspiration.) EE brand director Spencer McHugh tells Marketing Week: "As there is arguably no YouTube video more epic than 'Fenton,' we wanted to make it even more epic by creating our own remastered version—so it can be enjoyed on the go on superfast 4G, in all its epic glory." The spot was done by digital agency Poke and Passion Pictures.