Feel the love (or not) on Valentine’s Day

Google isn’t feeling much affection lately, and perhaps in retaliation, it doesn’t seem interested in lavishing us with it, either. The image here is from Google’s home page last Feb. 14. This year they’re going with a Winter Olympics thing, which I think has been up since the opening ceremonies on Friday. (Clicking on the Olympics Google logo, and you get search results for torino 2006.) This doesn’t mean no one in the corporate world is recognizing Valentine’s Day. Addressing the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona today, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and Virgin’s Richard Branson reportedly got all mushy about each other’s companies. “Today is Valentine’s Day and a day of love. I love the mobile industry, and I love our mobile partners,” Ballmer said. Branson added: “It’s fantastic to be working with Microsoft and BT. I love this company. Two people can play at this game.” It’s all just so darn sappy. UPDATE: Commenter points out that the skaters on the Google logo are indeed making a heart shape today. Pretty subtle, and I missed it.