Febreze Can Mask Even the Most Putrid Surroundings

Folks are approached by strangers on the streets of SoHo, blindfolded and whisked away to strange, smelly locations. That's typical treatment in NYC, and locals are surely used to it by now. But this is a new Febreze fabric freshener "Breathe Happy" campaign by Grey New York. In the ads, people are taken to stinky spots ranging from a Chinese eatery kitchen with raw fish on the counters to a dank and filthy room with crud on the walls. But not to worry, it's all been sprayed with Febreze. Asked to report what they smell, the blindfolded subjects sniff and describe floral and citrus scents, without a hint of their yucky surroundings, before the big reveal. Hey, after the streets of SoHo, anyplace smells like a tropical garden. Check out one ad below and two more after the jump. The "Breathe Happy" parody video is a no-brainer: The test subjects would report smelling only "lilacs and lemons" as they stand in the county morgue, being devoured by freshly autopsied zombies.