Fans celebrate Giants as destiny’s children

New York Giants fans, in accordance with tradition, are putting up a billboard today expressing support for their team ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl showdown with the New England Patriots. The ad, which will stand across from Giants Stadium (a little odd, since the team is already in Arizona), is notable for its headline, “Tempt Destiny.” I’m not sure exactly how they expect the Giants to do this. Football uniforms can’t get much more revealing. And shouldn’t their slogan be something a little more confident, like “Screw Destiny,” or “Bathe in the Blood of Your Enemies”? If you’re going to reinforce how surprised everyone is that your team made it this far, don’t be so obvious about it. I mean, you don’t have it this bad. UPDATE: As a creepy aside, it appears the movie I Am Legend predicted a Patriots victory over the Giants long before the unlikely matchup was even set. Thus, the Giants may be tempting not only destiny but also the wrath of Will Smith.

—Posted by David Kiefaber