Fallon voted off the islands of the Bahamas

Alas, the folks at Fallon have lost a perfectly good reason to hit the bars of Nassau on someone else’s dime. Bahamas tourism officials are reportedly looking for a new ad team, one that can do better than the Minneapolis agency’s “Bahamavention” campaign. That’s the $12 million effort that encouraged friends of overworked Americans to hold an intervention and plan a re-energizing trip to the Bahamas. It’s a clever concept, and the TV spots were entertaining and memorable. But then there’s the print. The over-the-top “nerds in paradise” photos made Bahamavention seem more like an invitation to join a cult than a promotion for tourism. So what’s next for the Bahamas? Personally, I think Dudley Moore had a winner in 1990 with “Come in the Bahamas,” although the pitch video from that research junket would probably violate YouTube’s terms of service.

—Posted by David Griner