Fallon puts all those awards to better use

When I first started covering advertising, I found the industry’s obsession with awards to be so odd. It struck me as needy. Then I got to Cannes, and I totally got on board. Anyway, you might have heard that Fallon is moving offices and melting down its many awards to create a “We Are Fallon” “metal mural,” as Agency Spy puts it. Clever. Now it’s getting its YouTube on with the “Pat Fallon’s Goodbye Speech” video posted above. He’s not saying good-bye to the agency. He’s bidding farewell to the trophies on their way to the smelter. If you defected from Fallon but still want to contribute, there’s a Web site where you can donate that spare Clio that’s lying around. So far, 89 people have contributed, including David Lubars, Juan Cabral and, of course, Pat himself.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey

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