Fake travel ads call for Mideast peace talks

It’s doubtful many Israeli citizens would take advantage of “dreamy weekend getaways” to Syria and Saudi Arabia, even at the bargain price of less than $500. Still, such offers are made in a new campaign launched in Jerusalem. The “travel” ads are, of course, fakes—created by activist group Avaaz.org as part of its “Real peace talks now” campaign. According to Avaaz: “Through humor, the billboards, placed in busy Jerusalem intersections, capture what a large majority of Israelis most want: normal relations with their Arab neighbors.” The signage promotes talks based on recent Arab League initiatives, so some might dismiss the effort as propaganda (at worst) or naive wishful thinking (at best). At any rate, the ads should provide a change from all those boards touting Coke, GM and McDonald’s.

—Posted by David Gianatasio