Fake social net, but real tomato-clam juice

Our neighbors to the north are an interesting lot. Leaving aside their eerie friendliness, they also apparently drink what sounds like a noxious concoction: tomato-clam juice. This would be a tough sell here, but Tribal DDB is having some fun with it in Canada by creating a fake social network, Lamato.net. The premise is pretty simple: we’re not doing any real socializing while sitting in front of our computers throwing sheep at each other. Tribal has put together a bunch of video vignettes of real-life situations that correlate to their online equivalents. Clicking on any of the social network’s “features” pops up a message that it’s all a fake and a reminder to get out in the real world and suck down some liquored-up tomato-clam juice.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey