Facebook Home Campaign Improves as No One Wants to Listen to Zuckerberg Yapping On

This ad won't get your goat

This "Launch Day" ad for Facebook Home, aka Facebook's new mobile UI, brings the non-pornographic online distractions of one engineer to vivid, Jumanji-esque life. The ad, which is a significant step up from the earlier airplane spot, was shot on location at Facebook's Menlo Park, Calif., campus, and the people in it are members of the actual product team behind Facebook Home. (These guys must be less camera shy than Intel's workforce.) The spot also reinforces 2013 as the year of the goat in advertising. Remains to be seen whether Home itself belongs in the category of much-derided farm animal. Second new spot, "Dinner," posted after the jump. The two new spots, like the airplane one, were done by Wieden + Kennedy.