Facebook App Kidnaps You, Cuts You Up, Puts You in a Sack

Thanks, weird German TV show

Back in June, I wrote about Intel's Museum of Me, which used information from your Facebook page to create a little online museum dedicated to your awesomeness. Now, social-media marketing agency Doodem in Germany has taken the technology to its logical creepy conclusion by personalizing a special Facebook stalker movie starring you! That's right, this Notruf Deutschland site asks you to log in with Facebook, then creates a very personalized video in which three fan-girl stalkers warble about how great you are, showing off pictures of you they put in a frame and even a tattoo of your name. It's all impressive digital showmanship, until the inevitable creepy ending makes you think twice about allowing them to access your profile. The message? Facebook is scary. Oh, and watch this Web-based show in Germany called Notruf Deutschland (Emergency Germany) starring Peter Langhorn. I would reject their friend request if I were you. They seem creepy.