Extreme endurance by Ikea lovers

IkealogocolorDo you like Ikea? I mean, really like Ikea? They sure do in Massachusetts, where 2,000 people stood in line for Wednesday’s grand opening of the Stoughton, Mass., store. The Swedish chain was awarding gift certificates ranging from $500-5,000 to the first five customers, who stood in line for as many as 12 days. First in line and the top winner, Mike Rice, flew from Georgia to take part in the contest, which turned intense. Third-in-line Jeffrey Beaudette, who stood in line for seven days, told the Boston Herald: “If you look at the five of us now, no one’s really talking to each other. You’ve got five people who come from completely different walks of life. After a while, people just got irritated.” That’s a lot to go through, we think, even for Ikea’s cheap-yet-functionally satisfying furniture.

—Posted by Mae Anderson