Expedia Helps Three Strangers Complete Their Mutual Friend’s Bucket List

Filmmakers seek closure after 23-year-old's death

Fulfilling the bucket list is a popular activity for brands to piggyback their message on. But how many of them are fulfilling the list for someone who's already died?

Expedia is helping fund Ty’s List, a documentary about three people (who had never met before) trying to live out a list of life goals created by their mutual friend, Tyler Lorenzi, as a way to find closure for his sudden death in a boating accident at age 23.

Although it doesn't spell it out in the trailer below, Ty's list of the best places in San Francisco is also completely achievable by the average Expedia customer, so this isn't a project that requires millions of dollars to fly to outlandish places and experience outlandish things. But while it might be affordable to accomplish, filming it is another matter, and the filmmakers continue to raise the funds needed to finish the movie. The video they made for Expedia was aimed at helping kick off the new round of fundraising, which also includes a new Kickstarter.

This expansion on the "Find Yours" campaign is far better than the stunt the brand pulled last year, sending random people to random places. That had surprise, but what we really travel for is other people—whether it's to connect with new ones or reconnect with those we already know.

And luckily for Expedia, that's also what we look for in a good commercial.