The evil spirits at Parker Brothers

OuijaSome sticks in the mud over at Parker Brothers are taking all the fun out of what could be a perfectly frightening movie. The game company charged so much for the rights to the term ouija board, which it owns, that the filmmakers had to give up trying. The movie, about an incident in 1920 when the town of El Cerrito, Calif., went mad for ouija boards and much chaos ensued, had a working title of, yes, Ouija Board. It now has to cut out any and all references to the term. What the hell are they going to call it now? Even more important, why is a maker of kids games producing something to contact the dead? Doesn’t that seem out of their league? They should stick to Yahtzee and leave that eerie business to the pros. Or to these guys. Nothing scares them.

—Posted by Celeste Ward