Etch A Sketch Declares Itself Apolitical in New Ads

Toy says it's just happy to be talked about

Like any good consumer product loathe to alienate half the population, Etch A Sketch has released new ads addressing its recent cameo in the country's political conversation—by saying it's basically apolitical. "We have a left knob and a right knob for each political party. (But remember, when both work together, we can do loop de loops)," says the best of the three new ads, alongside an image of the American flag drawn on an Etch A Sketch. "Politically we lean right down the middle," says another ad. The toy, owned by Ohio Art, has seen sales jump 1,556 percent since last week, when Mitt Romney aide Eric Fehrnstrom called the Romney campaign "almost like an Etch A Sketch" that could be rebooted for the fall campaign against President Obama. "But Etch A Sketch doesn't take political sides," ad agency Team Detroit tells us in an email. "We believe that when the left hand and the right hand work together, magic happens. [These] ads were developed to convey that message." Let's hope it doesn't flip-flop on that message in the coming months. See the ads after the jump.