‘E.T.’ video game lacked higher intelligence

Et It’s always sad to see high hopes for a product in its advertising, just before it gets ripped to shreds in the rock-strewn valleys of public opinion. So it is with this commercial for Atari’s E.T. video game from the early ’80s. Not only could you see E.T. in theaters, you and your mom could live it vicariously! It must have been hours of fun guiding the plucky little alien through badly pixelated adventures such as running away from things and gradually assembling a telephone. Except, it wasn’t. E.T. is widely considered one of the worst video games of all time, if not the worst. A good thing it was scotched; otherwise, that kid and his mom would still be sitting there today, awestruck as they helped E.T. pick up his dry cleaning, update his car registration, and run other mundane errands in various sequels. But if you think this is pitiful, just wait until Fallout 3 comes out.

—Posted by David Kiefaber