Enormous Orkin pests are pestier than ever

By the power vested in me by AdFreak, I hereby declare The Richards Group’s giant-pest spots for Orkin … iconic! (Ad bloggers can also perform weddings at sea between copywriters, by the way.) It’s tough to name a current campaign that’s more consistently entertaining and visually arresting while sticking like a glue trap to its broader brand message. Recent Orkin stuff has been, well, killer, and two new spots are likewise deadly sharp. In “Blind Date,” a huge termite on the make posts a human mugshot online, later shrugging off his date’s protests by claiming, in oily-suave tones, “That was taken years ago.” The insect rolls by at the end in a sports car with groovy make-out music playing on the stereo. (His date should reconsider calling Orkin—Mr. Mandible’s got sweet wheels!) “Vacation” is even better, presenting freaky, unsavory uber-rodents that make a huge mess and rock out on guitars while a family is away. When the homeowners return early, one hisses, “We could use the boy … on drums.” The creatures are, as ever, compelling but creepy, amusing but unsettling—which is key to the campaign’s success. We enjoy the anthropomorphized hijinks while being reminded that we’d call Orkin in a flash if the real deal invaded our homes. What bugs me is that there only two new spots. Rats!