Energy Company Brightens Bus Shelters to Fight Seasonal Depression

Lights in the dark of northern Sweden

Swedish bus-stop therapy. It's nowhere near as kinky as it sounds. Power company Umeå Energi recently outfitted 30 transit shelters in its namesake city in northern Sweden with lights designed to help travelers combat the depression brought on by Seasonal Affective Disorder, which can be triggered by winter darkness. (That particular region of the socialist utopia apparently gets about five hours of sunlight per day.) Some residents have a less-than-illuminated attitude to the new lights. "I don't really like them. They're simply too bright when you're biking or driving past in the dark," Tomas Helleborg whines, according to UPI. My first thought was, UPI still exists? My second: These Swedes should consider themselves lucky. At least they don't have to arrive at work reeking of baked potato like their British counterparts, who routinely get doused with oven-cooked scents at bus stops thanks to McCain Foods. Via PSFK.