An endorsement deal waiting to happen

Pacmans Seems like bad timing for Xbox that it’s releasing a new, souped-up version of Pac-Man, the video game, just as Pacman Jones, the wayward NFL player, is facing felony charges after a shooting incident at a strip club in Vegas. But maybe both sides could turn this to their advantage with a little cross-promotion. It’s not like there aren’t synergies. Pac-Man pretends to be a kid-friendly character, but he is no saint. In fact, he’s more of a violent blob of destruction, leaving choas in his wake. And Jones could use some extra cash for his lawyers. (Plus, according to Wikipedia, Pacman, whose real name is Adam, got his nickname from his mother “for his tendency to drink milk with the voraciousness of the famous arcade character.”) Possible theme line for an ad campaign: “Exercise your demons.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd