The endless joy of misheard song lyrics

Funny student work here for JBL. (Click to see a larger version.) Nothing brings people together quite like the topic of misheard song lyrics. (You could argue here that better speakers may not help you much in that regard. And that Stipe had mostly stopped mumbling by the time of “Losing My Religion.” But whatever.) You can see two other executions here. I think it was Dave Barry who once asked readers to write in with their personal lists of misheard lyrics. My favorite: “Ain’t no woman like the one-eyed Gott.” Apparently there’s even a word for a misheard phrase that acquires a new meaning as a result: a mondegreen. Link via ihaveanidea and Twenty Four. UPDATE: When we said funny up top, we basically meant tired, stale and awful.

—Posted by Tim Nudd