Ellie Goulding Runs (and Sings) for Nike

Singer jogs around New York, L.A. and London while on tour

"I wanna keep feeling that high, because it's better than any other high I've experienced." So says immaculately stoned British songbird Ellie Goulding in this two-minute clip from AKQA and The Cartel. Kidding, of course. She's not talking about drugs, but the "runner's high." Which is a lot less rock 'n' roll, to my way of thinking, but probably more on-brand, as the video touts Nike+. As Jakwob's remix of her song "Under the Sheets" plays on the soundtrack, Goulding is shown performing on stage and running through parts of town she's probably relieved she doesn't have to live in. Back in my day (when John Mellencamp was cool), it was considered uncool for pop stars to shill for big corporations. Of course, the concept of "selling out" doesn't really exist today, and Ellie's attractive, so it's all good. Not the song, though. It sucks. Kidding once again. John Mellencamp was never cool.