Eleanor Friedberger Plays ‘Auld Lang Syne’ on 1,000 Flute Glasses for Sparkling-Wine Ad

Naked's melodious holiday spot for Segura Viudas

Eleanor Friedberger, best known as one-half of The Fiery Furnaces (with brother Matthew Friedberger), has made her first commercial—and it's quite a harmonious production in which she plays the holiday classic "Auld Lang Syne" on 1,000 glasses of Segura Viudas cava (aka, sparkling wine).

Agency Naked came up with the idea, with CCO Izzy DeBellis driving the creative vision. But Friedberger seems happy to be on board, even flashing a smile at the end of the charming spot. The audio was recorded live as she played the glasses, so no tricks here, and it sounds rich indeed.

"When I approached Eleanor to work with Segura Viudas on the project, she was excited about the initiative and where the video was headed creatively," says Naked managing partner Paul Sevigny. "As the shoot was coming together, she was able to work in her own artistic style which made it a unique collaborative process and why the spot works so well."


Client: Segura Viudas Cava USA

Brand Manager: Josep Ferrer

Agency: Naked

Chief Creative Officer: Izzy DeBellis

Art Director: Matthew Gould-Lucht

Copywriter: Jerry Abejo

Executive Producer: Kurt Peloquin

Managing Partners: Anthony Bianco, Paul Sevigny

Account Manager: Gabriella Dickens

Produced and Directed by Good Look

Music, Mix: Big Foote Music

Music Arrangement: Darren Solomon

Audio Post Mix: Steve Depalo

Executive Producer: Paul Seymour