Easton’s Slugger Can Hit Damn Near Anything

Brand follows viral hit with another feat of fakery

Earlier this month, Easton sports gear scored a viral hit with its "Ultimate Batting Practice" video, which was viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube. Well, if you liked that bit of obvious fakery, you might just love the "Skeet Ball" sequel below. The earlier clip shows a batter hitting balls that defy physics as they ricochet around four pitchback nets like a perpetual motion machine. This time, the setup is a skeet shoot with the batter knocking clay pigeons out of the sky. The blustery wind and fawning dude-patter from the sycophantic pal working the camera—"Whoa! Yeah! Smaaashed it!"—make for a perfect soundtrack on this obviously digitized (but still strangely impressive) slugging display. Hat tip to Presurfer.