Dying Is Dumb and Hilarious in Adorable Australian PSA

McCann spot keeps you off the tracks

Not since The Gashlycrumb Tinies has there been so much exquisitely hilarious death on display as in this animated PSA from McCann Australia for the Melbourne Metro train system. Described aptly by one viewer as "Feist meets Itchy and Scratchy," the three-minute spot catalogs all manner of avoidable demises in a series of simple and amusing set-piece cartoons—with the ludicrously jolly and catchy tune "Dumb Ways to Die" by Tangerine Kitty playing in the background. The spot draws only slightly more attention to the one kind of death Melbourne Metro is particularly interested in avoiding—the getting-hit-by-a-train kind—but that just makes it more delightful. "This campaign is designed to draw people to the safety message, rather than frighten them away, especially in our younger segments," says Chloe Alsop, marketing manager of Metro Trains. It should help curtail deaths by superglue, too. Via Reddit.