Drunk squirrel warning Russians off alcohol

This Russian anti-alcoholism PSA is very … well, Russian, in its handling of the subject. But unlike most tragic Russian humor, people actually seem to enjoy this ad—to the tune of 1.5 million views on YouTube so far. Evidently, the drunken jabbering of a psychotic, red-eyed squirrel is more entertaining than I'd assumed. (The squirrel apparently yammers on about chasing spiders up a wall and a friend's wife who died because she is a devil. He is not voiced by Mel Gibson.) The ad was commissioned by Russia's health and social development ministry because alcoholism kills around half a million Russians every year. Indeed, it's such a problem there that they finally got around to banning drunk driving. It figures they'd be late to that party if they're only now catching up to the angry-squirrel craze we've long since discarded.