Drag Queen Jinkx Monsoon Gets Comfortable in Ad for German Mattress Brand

Muun celebrates personal style

Created by Amsterdam Berlin, this short film for Muun mattresses skips product shots and overt sales pitches, opting instead to simply show entertainer Jinkx Monsoon—who won the fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race—strolling along a beach and reminiscing.

“Jinkx Monsoon was born when I was about 14 years old,” she says. “There was a dance at my queer youth resource center … and the theme was fairy tales. And I decided to go as the Queen of Hearts. It was the first time I ever dressed in full drag, and I just remember looking at myself in the mirror—and by all means the makeup was terrible, the hair was terrible—but I still looked in the mirror and saw the most gorgeous woman in the whole wide world.”

“We were looking for someone who used style as a way of expression, someone who lives completely outside of the norm and feels perfectly comfortable there,” Muun managing director Vincent Brass tells AdFreak. “When Jinkx’s name first came up, and I saw her style and learned her story, I instantly knew she was the perfect character.”

Other “characters” gracing recent Muun commercials include former European football bad-boy Vinnie Jones (he dances in his underwear and drops F-bombs) and 300-pound nightclub bouncer Frank Künster (who caused a viral stir by posing nude).

“We don’t see Jinkx, or any of our past protagonists as controversial. We think of them as inspirational,” says Brass. “If we surprise people with how we communicate, great. It’s about time we change things up and cater to all different lifestyles. People are tired of seeing the same old products in the same old ads.”

Muun’s approach feels right because mattresses are, in their way, intensely personal products. They provide comfort and allow us to rest, reset and even dream about who we might become one day.

“Jinkx is a prime example of this—someone who has decided to live their life according to their own wishes, and not bound by outdated conventions,” says Brass. “She is an inspiration for young people who are struggling to embrace their individuality and show the self they’re most comfortable with to the world.”

Client: Muun
Agency: Amsterdam Berlin
Production: Amsterdam Berlin
Postproduction: BWGTBLD
Music: Youguys Music Berlin, Parasol Island / Jonathan Wulfes
Color Grading: Stefan King Color Grading
Director: Moritz Grub
Dop: Max Pittner
1st Ac: Rouven Schardt
Producer: Anna Alexander
Editor: Raquel Caro Nunez

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